Mike Nelson s Business English Lexis Site

Mike Nelson’s Business English Lexis Site.

This website is dedicated to the lexis of Business English and is based on research carried out in my thesis: Nelson, M. (2000) A Corpus-Based Study of Business English and Business English Teaching Materials. Unpublished PhD Thesis. Manchester: University of Manchester . The site was inspired by Averil Coxhead’s great Academic Word List site as I wanted teachers and learners of Business English to have a similar place to go to see the most significant words of Business English. In my research I created a 1 million word Business English Corpus (BEC) and the word lists you see on this site are based on it and comparsions made to general English using the BNC Sampler corpus as a reference. Please read the brief overview first as this gives background to all the different lists you will see here. Feel free to use the data that is supplied here (with usual references) and also the materials I have developed based on the results. I will be adding to the site, so please come back every now and then. .

So far the corpus in not available on-line, but I am hoping to make it so in the future.

Published articles Positive Business English Key Words: words that occur with unusual frequency in the BEC.

Negative Business English Key Words: words that occur with unusual infrequency in the BEC.

The top 100 ‘negative key words’ in the Business English Corpus: words that occur far less in Business English than in ‘general’ English.

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